Tools to Make Teaching Easier (
A large collection of interactive tools for the classroom. Be sure to try the Dustbin Game (where students drag phrases into the correct container as fast as they can). Try the Fishbone Diagram (an easy way to make organization charts). And they have a very good Countdown Timer!

Padlet (
Formerly called Wallwisher. This is a great tool for instantly setting up a brainstorming board.

CasaNotes (
Quickly make and customize notes to send home to parents or students.

Classroom Architect (
Looking to rearrange your classroom? Create a classroom floor plan!

Rubistar (
Help with making those tedious rubrics!

Arcademic Skill Builders (
Academics + Arcade = Fun Learning! Featuring free educational games, math games, language arts games, and much more for students and teachers. These are terrific!

Project-Based Learning Checklists (
Create helpful checklists for students. The use of these checklists keeps students on track and allows them to take responsibility for their own learning through peer- and self-evaluation.

Printable Labels (
Ever wish everything in your classroom was labeled? Now it is easy! Here is a whole bunch of new labels. Just print and stick to your stuff.

Education World 5-Minute Lessons (
Not really interactive, but contains descriptions of a huge number of short activities.

PuzzleMaker (
Make a variety of puzzles you can print or post on your web site.

Free Online Puzzle Maker (
Make word search or crossword puzzles you can print or post on your web site.

Maze Generator (
This is a-maze-ing! Instantly creates nice printable PDF files of your maze.

Virtual Dice (
That’s all it is—just virtual dice! But you can customize the dice and this would be useful for a variety of classroom activities.

Paper Toys – Paper Cutouts (
I guess I think this is interesting because I like the idea of using this as a starting point for challenging students to create their own templates for cutout models (an interesting problem-solving challenge).

Triptico (
This one is really different from the others above because instead of being an online tool, it is a set of tools you download as an application that runs on your computer. It includes a variety of great tools, such as word magnet activities, sorting activities, timers, name or word selectors, and quiz creators.

Motivator – Create Your Own Motivational Poster (
These are great to put on your web site home page!