Create Online Learning Activities

The following web sites are designed to allow teachers to create online learning activities for students, such as word puzzles, hangman games, matching tasks, and much more.


This is a great site to help your students learn to spell and learn the meanings of words. It is very simple to use, and very engaging for students. The site allows you to create spelling lists by using your own words. Once you have created a spelling list, students can engage in a variety of learning activities with those words. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the site is that several of the activities involve the computer speaking the words and speaking a sentence in which the words are used. When you sign up for an account here, you will get an email. You open that email and click the link to confirm it.


Philologus uses television game shows as templates for teacher- and student-created exercises.

Jeopardy Labs
You can create your own online Jeopardy games. No registration is required, and each game has its own unique web address that you can link to on your class web site.

This is an impressive site for creating engaging games using sets of questions you have created. This one is impressive because the games themselves are so fun (although rather silly), and it has some advanced question types, such as listening to a word being pronounced (you can upload an audio file of your voice) and then spell the word. It provides embed codes so you can embed the games on your site. It also allows teachers to set up classes so that you can track progress of your students. And it is free!

Another impressive site where you can create five different types of learning activities using your own questions, definitions, and other formats for your content. This site allows you to create up to 30 student accounts for free (more for a moderate cost), or you can set up activities with open access for all for students to practice skills.


Study Stack allows teachers and students to create flashcards, crossword puzzles, matching games, word searches, and other classic study games for any subject area. You can create a game using any type of numerical or text data. Once your data is in your account, you can use that data to create multiple games.

Brainy Box
BrainyBox lets you easily create a 3-D animated cube with any content you want to include in it. Students will love it!


Proprofs is a site that is very good at two things: Making interactive flash cards and creating online quizzes for your students. Since you can use the StudyStack site above to create flash cards, we will look more at the QUIZ and TEST feature of ProProfs. This is a surprisingly robust testing site, in which you can set the tests to be secure, set it to shuffle the questions, and it allows you to view detailed reports of student results (item analysis). And of course it grades the test for you! NOTE: it will grade your multiple choice questions and your short answer questions, but not your essay questions. This would also be a great site for creating practice quizzes for students to practice in their own time from home. And you can embed your projects on your classroom web site!

Purpose Games
Allows users to create custom games, share games, and play games. There are two styles of games that you can create and play. The simpler of the two styles is a fairly basic multiple choice game. The other style uses images and maps on which players have to name the places represented by placemarks on the image or map. For an example, try this game about the skeletal system. Purpose Games gives game creators the option to make their games public or private. If you select the private option, only the people to whom you send invitations will be able to play your game. Check out the examples made by other teachers.

Offers users the ability to create and study sets of flashcards. Memorize also gives users the option to create diagrams for studying. The user interface is intuitive. To study existing flashcard sets click memorize on the homepage. To create your own flashcards click "create" on the homepage. Creating flashcards is a simple matter of entering questions and answers into a chart. If you have a long set of questions and answers you can break up that set into multiple parts.

This is a site where you and your students use pre-existing content, rather than create your own. The site is designed to help students develop their reading skills by developing their vocabulary, particularly by helping them understand word roots and how they are used. This site is for upper elementary, middle school, high school, and adults.

Class Tools
An excellent resource. Teachers and students can create lots of learning activities using formats from popular 1980's arcade games.

Just Crosswords
An easy way to create online crossword puzzles. No registration is required - just plug in the words and clues and the site hosts it for you.

Lets you make a lot of different word games for print-out.

Teachers can use their own content for a variety of games, including Hangman.

You can create crosswords, as well as a number of other word games. One advantage is that they can then either be played online or printed out. Here, too, you have to register.

One feature that makes Cramberry different from other flashcard services is it tracks which cards students answer correctly or incorrectly. This feature allows students to eliminate cards they know and focus on the ones they don't know.

This site will track results and also offers an option to save flashcards in a pdf format, allowing for off-line studying. Teachers can share flashcards with a private group, too. Video tutorials are available.

Students can create their own customized "stack" of flashcards. For students preparing for a general exam like the SAT, Muchobeets has a good collection of publicly shared vocabulary flashcards. The Muchobeets service is very easy to use. If you want to make your own flashcards simply register with your email address and get started using the very intuitive flashcard creation template. No registration is required if you want to use the publicly shared stacks of flashcards.

users can build a deck of flashcards or browse through decks created by others. Knowtes has many decks of flashcards already made for educators to use for free. The library of flashcards can be downloaded to use offline also.

Easy Note Cards
The unique feature of Easy Notecards that distinguishes it from other notecard/flashcard tools is the ability to create notecards tied to a specific textbook. Users can even enter the chapter or chapters the notecards are linked to, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

Popling's motto is "Learning without Studying." This website allows you to create virtual flash cards that pop up on a computer screen every few minutes (teachers determine how often) while students work on the computer. Classroom computers can be set up with Poplings about any subject. As students are working on the computers they can also be practicing math facts, vocabulary, geography, etc. These flash cards are a great way for students to study without creating sets and sets of 3×5 notecards.

Ediscio lets you build sets of flash cards individaully or with the help of other users. The flashcards can also include images and can be used by an entire class to create a "card box" that all of the students can study.

is a free service designed to make the process of creating quizzes, exams, and other printable activities a more efficient process for teachers. Quizinator acts as a storage bank for multiple choice, true/false, and free response questions. Quizinator enables you to create a bank of your own questions or pick from their questions to create quizzes. If you create your own questions, you can include images in the question. To create a new quiz simply select the questions you want to appear on your quiz and Quizinator will add them to it. When you've selected all the questions you want, Quizinator will format the quiz for printing.

Quiz-Tree provides a wide variety of free educational games and activities for students and teachers. Most of the Quiz-Tree games and activities are web-based.

With Testmoz, a user can create tests that are either multiple choice, T/F, or fill in the blank. Another great feature is the ability to password protect your tests so strangers can't take it. Top it off w/ nice detailed reporting and you get a great site.

Quiz Snack
offers a free service for creating polls and quizzes to post in your blog or website. To use Quiz Snack you can sign in with your Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Quiz Snack account. Then select one of three poll/quiz formats, type your question(s) and answer choices, and select a template. Then copy the embed code provided by Quiz Snack and place it your blog or website.

Wordstash is a web based study tool that utilizes digital flashcards and a dictionary to allow teachers and students to create flashcards. Teachers can create accounts and share lists they create with their students. It is very easy to use and is free. You can select a theme for your flashcards, create your own flashcards, find already created flashcards, use quizzes and games, and more. The site is linked to a dictionary site, so definitions are easily found and are given in sentences to provide contextual meaning.

Zendo is a site which allows you to type in your class notes, then it creates a series of flash cards for you. You can even arrange your notes and cards in folders. You'll need an email address to sign up for a free account.

A nice feature is the ability to create a study group or class and then share quizzes, notes, flash cards, etc. with the whole group.

Content Generator
Our programs allow anyone to generate their own e-Learning quizzes, games and applications through our custom software - no coding required.

QuizPoo lets you create, without requiring registration, “this or that” quizzes.

Want more great online study tools?
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