Creating Online Story Books

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My Storymaker
Very simple to use, and students do not need an account to create stories here. Students choose their main character from a list of possible characters, then they choose the character's goal and a secondary character. Stories can be printed or saved as PDF files.

Story Jumper
Storyjumper is an extremely easy-to-use site for creating storybooks. Many props, characters, and scenes are available to use in your stories. One of the best features of this site is that they have a Classroom Edition, in which you can set up a virtual StoryJumper classroom, where you can have your students sign in to a safe environment, with a number of teacher-friendly features.

This awesome site allows you to use collections of existing artwork from various artists as inspiration. Or you can choose a theme. This site also allows collaborative story writing (although that is not necessary). You need to set up an account. Students can sign up (or you can sign them up) on a special kids sign-up page in which they can enter your teacher email address (instead of parent address). Finished stories can be published to the web, and teachers can link to these on their web sites.

An amazing site for expressing creativity. You can create a free Teacher Account, which provides some nice features for using this with students. There are numerous activities here, but the most impressive are Make a Story and Make a Movie. These allow students to use existing backgrounds, characters, and props. The Make a Story activity allows students to create JPEG images of each page of their story, so that you can post them on your web site. The Make a Movie activity actually allows students to create an animated movie of their story, which you can link to on your web site.

Collection of Online Story Makers
An interactive Glogster posterwith links to some very online storybook creators.

Online Animation Makers
If you like the Movie function in Kerpoof, here is a collection of more animation story sites.

MakeBelieve Comix
A very simple-to-use site for creating stories in the form of two, three, or four panel comic strips. Students DO NOT have to create an account! You use pre-drawn characters that are available in different poses. Your finished comics can be printed or emailed to someone (including yourself). Or you can use screen capture to make an image that can be posted on your web site.

Another site for creating stories as comic strips, but this one allows much more extensive stories with multiple rows of panels. And the creative tools are very impressive. You must have an account to use this site. You can create customized characters that you can use later whenever you want them in your stories. Once you put a character into a story panel, you can move it to any position or facial expression! You can use this site for free, but they have a teacher service that costs some to subscribe to, but is very impressive.

7 Resources for Creating Cartoons and Comics
A blog post describing a variety of creative sites.

A great slideshow summary of online comic creating sites

A very powerful site for creating story books. This one focuses mainly on creating photo books using your own photos, but it is wonderful for writing stories. Similar to Story Jumper, it is based on a model of offering everything for free, but charging only if you want to order a softback or hardback copy of your book.

Little Bird Tales
Easy to use site that lets students upload digital pictures or even draw their own pictures using the "art pad."

The Art of Storytelling
A fascinating (and free) site from the Deleeware Art Museum, in which you can write stories based upon works of art. There is even an option for customizing the art with additional characters and props, allowing unlimited creativity in telling your story.

A powerful site for creating and hosting interactive stories. However, you need to download and install a software program to do this (they call it the Storyworld Authoring Tool, or SWAT).

Dvolver MovieMaker

Picture Book Maker

Write me a Story

Digital Storyteller


Story Plant

Create a Play Online!

Pinky Dinky Doo Storybox

LearnEnglish Kids - Storymaker

BAB Books AdLib - Create your Own Silly Story

Dr. Seuss Storybook Maker


ReadWriteThink Comic Creator


Creaza- Create Mind Maps, Movies, Cartoons, and Audio files

Muvizu- Animation creator

Learn Direct
and a great blog post about using Learn Direct in the classroom:

StoryKit-- for your iPhone!

Simple Booklets
Lets you create online books and reports that can be embedded or linked to by its url address. It’s free, you can grab images and videos off the web, and extremely simple to use. No registration is required. What’s not to like?

A nice site for uploading videos, images, and text to create a story. Plus it has educational accounts for students and teachers as well as the ability to embed a finished story into a site.