Interactive Geography Games and Maps

Google Maps
Of course this site would have to be at the top of the list! Google maps can be used in any curriculum area, with any grade level. Be sure to create a Google account so that you can create your own maps that you can embed on your web site.

On this site you can create geographic puzzles for your students to solve.

This site doesn't allow you to create puzzles yourself, but the Placefy game is engaging, and is more of a challenger that it looks at first.

National Geographic Kids - Geography Games
Not a site where you create games, but it has a dozen or so different engaging games for elementary students.

THis is a geography quiz game that offers students more than just the state or country identification questions typical of most geography quizzes.

LizardPoint - Test your Geography Knowledge
Here there are 37 interactive maps to study. The maps cover basic geography as well as specific geography questions for various regions and countries around the world. You get immediate feedback on your answers.

This site has two very engaging games, Build Planet Earth and Map Countries and Cities. Build Planet Earth is particularly engaging. Students drag continents and oceans to a model of the Earth that they can rotate.

TravelPod - Travel IQ Questions
This site has 14 interactive geography activities. Very engaging because you get immediate feedback on your answers by showing you how many kilometers off your answers are.

UMapper - GeoDart Game
If you like the quiz games of the site above (TravelPod), you will love this site! Because here you can create your own geography games just like the ones on the TravelPod site!

This is a set of Tetris-like games for learning geography. 

Thisd is another site where you can create your own map quiz games. You can emded the games you create into your class web site.

Another quiz site. This one actually allows you to play against other people.

The cool thing about this one is that for every correct answer you give 10 grains of rice to the poor. To access the geography quizzes, click the Subjects tab at the top and then under Geography choose Identify Countries on a Map or World Capitols.

Sheppard Software USA Games
Another site with some engaging geography games. Map Maker
Check out the interactive layering feature of this map! This could be used for any subject area.

Explore the world with maps!