Locating Keypals for Students

Most of the sites below are designed specifically for K-12 teachers and students. They can all be extremely useful in locating other schools around the world to exchange information with.

Connect with classrooms from 191 countries speaki. 65,000 classrooms, representing more than 3 million students and teachers, are now registered with ePALS!

KidWorld KeyPals
Connect with kids all over the world. The site offers the option to choose a specific age range for students to choose.

CyberKids ­Keypals
Yet another site to register and locate other students for email exchange.

Gaggle Net Free Student E-mail
Gaggle is a widely used and safe e-mail service for students and teachers. Sign up for a free account (with advertising) on the screen, or pay about $200 per school (and up) for ad-free accounts. The teachers have a great deal of control over accounts and information that is sent and received.

Safe-mail Web Mail Service
This is a very quick, easy way to assign email addresses to your students. Students do not need to enter any personal information to sign up for an email account. All they enter is a nickname and password (I recommend that teachers assign all usernames and passwords, keeping a list of them on hand).