Ask-an-Expert sites

How to Locate Experts Willing to Collaborate with Students
"Ask an Expert" Web Sites

One of the most impressive educational uses of the Internet is the wide variety of Ask an Expert web sites now available. At these sites, students can contact adult experts in every imaginable field of expertise, and will often get a response back within a day or two.

Science Buddies
Have a student who needs help being guided towards great resources to find answers about specific science questions? This page is designed for students to find help to answer their questions.

Skype in the Classroom
Skype in the Classroom offers a wide variety of resources that can be valuable assets to the classroom. From talks with TED speakers to inviting authors into your classroom, the possibilities are endless.

NJ NIE Project: Ask an Expert Site
A very good starting point, with links to lots of Ask an Expert sites. These are divided by subject area.

Community Learning Network: Ask an Expert Sources
Another good starting point. The sites are divided by subject area.