What is Adventure Club?

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21st Century Community Learning Center



The Adventure Club 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) Program works with the community and families to provide out-of-school care in a safe, nurturing environment and to plan interesting, developmentally appropriate curriculum choices that challenge children to grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.


Adventure Club is designed to meet the out-of-school needs of children (K-5th grade). It provides experiences that enrich and enhance each child's cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and language development. Within the program's daily schedule, each child will have opportunities to create, explore the environment, investigate through problem-solving and personal interaction skills, and learn through “hands-on” experiences. Opportunities for solitary activities, as well as group activities, will be available.


  • To create a relaxed, trusting, homelike atmosphere where children are encouraged to pursue their own interests, develop friendships and grow in confidence, independence, and respect for themselves and others.
  • To provide a caring staff, who show genuine respect for the children and have confidence in each child's potential and promote each child's self-esteem.
  • To create a stable environment that is inviting, comfortable, attractive, orderly, manageable by the children, and a happy, exciting place.
  • To provide for the children a variety of developmentally appropriate activities, including expressive art, construction, active play, sports, games, dramatic play, science, cooking, crafts and reading.
  • To frame a schedule that allows time for each child to observe, to reflect and to become absorbed in activities according to his/her own interests and talents.
  • To give individual guidance to children based on careful observation of each child's needs and in keeping with parental values and goals.
  • To offer children opportunities for involvement in and service to the community so that they may develop a sense of participation and contribution; and that they may begin to realize how interdependent the various elements in a community are.