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Membership Information

Membership Campaign-- Fall renewals

If you pay your dues by payroll deduction and have selected the Easy Membership Renewal Option (Automatic Renewal), you will NOT receive any forms to fill out-- your membership automatically continues-- that's the beauty of Easy Renewal (not to mention a great paper saver!) and your five payroll deductions begin with October's check.

If you have not previously selected the auto renew option, your Building Representative will give you a white pre-printed form called Membership Renewal Notice. Please indicate your method of payment, check the Easy Renewal Membership Option if you'd like to go paperless next year, and sign the form in TWO places-- the bottom third of the form is yours to keep as your temporary membership card.

New members: Your Building Representative has application forms, or you may download a form listed below.

Reminder: If you anticipate any building, name, address, or other changes for next school year, PLEASE inform your Building Representative.

Professional Dues

Current professional -- $219

First-time MSTA member -- $124

Half-time teachers -- $124

First-year teacher -- $99.50 (S-MSTA member senior year in college)

First-year teacher -- $124 (Not an S-MSTA member in college)

Other Dues

Associate -- $90 (Bus drivers, secretaries, custodians, substitutes, teachers' aides, etc.)

Retired teacher $25 a year or $250 lifetime membership (does not include liability insurance unless purchased separately for $17.00.)

Student -- FREE!

Warrensburg CTA Local Dues

Local dues are $16.00 per year (including $1 per member donation to MSTF- Missouri State Teachers Foundation) and are included in payroll deduction amounts.