Lesson Video Showcase

Each participant in Year Two of the T3 Program develops and implements at least one Authentic Lesson incorporating technology within their curriculum.

Click the links below to view their fabulous reflection videos!

School Year 2015-2016:

Jenna Brockhaus- MS SpEd

Students put their living skills to use through planning, budgeting, and their research of a country they'd like to visit. Students created a brochure and presented their findings. 

Beth Brennan Cox- MS PE

#5 for PE - social media challenge students put together in groups in P.E. Students stated why PE is important to them, choose an exercise to share with others, and challenged others to accept the challenge. One example was posted on WR6HPE twitter page to challenge others.

Drew Calvert- HS Math

My lesson dealt with learning what a quadratic function was and what a parabola looked like. It was a basic overview to get ready for the EOC. Students worked together to graph and discuss how the graph changed with the equation was altered. Students also are able to present how one change in the equation affects the graph to the rest of the class.

Madison Cameron- MG Kindergarten

Miss Cameron's 2015-2016 kindergarten class completed a unit over the four seasons. They broke into groups and researched their season. After researching they made props and practiced a presentation. Their presentations were recorded and they edited on iMovie. 

Christiann Cardwell- RV SpEd

I had my student to find calming techniques he can use in the classroom. He researched it on the internet and then used this information to make a powerpoint. He made cards to use in the classroom.

Tobi Chambers- MS CA

Amanda Escobar- MW Art

Mrs. Escobar's 2015/16 3rd grade art classes did a unit over ancient Egyptian art history. We integrated technology as we did research on Ipads and ended the unit with turning Barbie dolls into mummies!!! They learned so much and I really enjoyed the opportunity to use this style of teaching in an art setting!

Chelsea Everly- HS CA

Honors Composition II students did a project and essay called "Creating and Justifying an Advertisement that Exploits the Subconscious Fears and Desires of a Target Audience." The project required groups to create an advertisement for a product, using color, composition, content, and copy to appeal to an audience by associating a lifestyle with the product. They conducted scholarly research using Ebscohost to justify these choices, then wrote a 5-paragraph research paper analyzing their advertisements' effects on the target audience.

Erin Farmer- RV PreSchool

The preschoolers used the BookPress app to create their own digital ABC Books. The BookPress app correlates with bookemon.com. The preschoolers would write and draw pictures for each letter of the alphabet then take a picture of their work and put it into their digital book.

Jay Fleeman- MS PE

Students used a QR app to scan activity instructions and skill demonstrations. We were in our football unit, working in stations. Their group would get to the station, scan a posted QR code (using provided ipad) to get the instructions for that station and also a video clip to demonstrate the skill.

Faithia Gillogly- RV 2nd grade

Mrs. Gillogly's second grade students answered the question, "What kind of class pet should we get for our classroom?" Students researched pets, and then wrote an opinion piece to answer the question.

Stephanie Green- RV 1st grade

Students in Ms. Green's first grade class researched ocean pollution. We discovered what causes the oceans to become polluted and how we could prevent or clean up ocean pollution. Students scanned QR codes to find information about ocean pollution and inventions that have been created to help clean up the oceans. Then, students worked in groups to come up with their own invention and made a commercial about their new invention! 

Cara Grotzinger- HS SpEd

Cathey Holland- MS Health

Each student was given a cardiovascular disease to research. They were responsible for finding out the cause, symptoms, treatment, and prevention for their topic. Using this information, each student created a google presentation that included a public service announcement. Each student presented their information to the class.

Shanda Matthews- MW 4th grade 

MS. Matthews' class did a research project on the 7 original Native American MO tribes. They had to do an informational paper along with an iMovie. The main focus was on them recognizing the technology that was used. It was a great learning tool. They enjoyed making the movie.

Zachary Maxon- RE grades 9-12

Doug Nading- HS SpEd

My lesson dealt with high school students in a Career Lab Class that went out in the community doing volunteer work for various businesses. Experiencing different aspects of the working world and understanding the need to be able to follow directions and be productive. Each one learned the need for proper dress and attitude for the work site. Gained the capability to work with others, problem solve, and follow directions from superiors. Worked on filling out applications, doing mock interviews and advocating for themselves.

Megan Nigro- MW 5th grade

My students did a problem solving math project involving fractions and decimals. We reviewed problem solving strategies and wrote our own word problems; then created videos to share our problems. We worked together to make our projects better and I am looking forward to using this lesson next year. 

Laura Nordyke- RV 2nd grade

My students did an interactive writing project where they worked collaboratively on How To Videos using I-Movie. They showcased all that they learned from our How to Writing unit as well as learned to work in collaborative groups. View our project sample to learn how to wrap a present!

Matt Palmer

4th grade students independently created a research project on a famous Missourian. All students created an informative essay, and then used that information to create an I-Movie.

Elizabeth Reed- MW 3rd grade

Miss Reed's third grade class acted as travel agents while researching a planet of their choosing. They were not allowed to research Earth. After researching they created an iMovie trailer to try and persuade me to want to travel to their planet. 

Tom Scarbrough- HS PE

Tonni Schmidt- MS CA

Greek Mythology Presentations - Students select a mythological character to research. Topics include connections to modern society and knowledge of the character. Presentations are created and evaluated based on the Missouri Learning Standards.

Angela Simmons- CC LPN

My lesson plan is related to students reading directions, and in nursing, reading physician orders. It requires them to use critical thinking skills, and problem solving. This is a Pharmacology for nursing lesson. 

Sarah Smarr- CC Cosmetology

Presentations on how the eleven major body systems pertain to cosmetology. Why do we have to learn about this in cosmetology?

Kristie Sterrett- MS Health

Students were each assigned a mental or emotional disorder to research on web. Md or Mayoclinic using the guidelines assigned, looking for causes, effects, signs and symptoms, treatment and how to respond and understand the needs of people suffering with mental, emotional disorders. Students must provide the information using Google Slides and share with the classroom. Each student will present their slideshow to the classroom using an I-Pad that was hooked up to projector.

Dawn Thompson- ST 3rd grade

Famous American Research Project - Students select a famous American to research. Once they have completed their research they will create a Google Slides presentation to share with their peers.

Liz VanCleave- HS SpEd

It's important to know how to live on your own. The purpose of my Apartment Project was to show students just how much it talked to live independently. They learned how to use google docs, safely search on the Internet, safely shop online, learn how to use checks, and correctly use a check register. 

Debbie Wagoner- MS SS

Kristi Ward- MG PE

Why do we need daily physical activity? Students in Coach Ward's K-2 P.E. classes at Maple Grove Elementary learned about the cardiovascular system, learned how to jump rope, and took pre and post exercise heart rate measurements using a hand-held heart rate monitor. During this time, students collected money for the American Heart Association.

Matthew West- HS French

Students virtually visited a French speaking country and implemented their knowledge of the past tense. Students make a presentation about their country and presented it to the class.

School Year 2014-2015:

Tim Bauer

Auto Body students learned about Vehicle Crash Estimates.

Avery Deevers

What does it take to design a Landscape? That is the question that my students had to answer.

Jennifer Fox

"Teaching Social Skills to Students with Disabilities"

Through discussion, role-play, and video-modeling, students prepare themselves by learning and practicing acceptable social and behavior skills to apply in the real-world.

Julianna Hartwell

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Hartwell's class learned about different types of weather. They created Popplets to show what type of clothing and weather happens in each season.

Macae Mickens

Third graders in Mrs. Mickens' class created iMovies to assist new students to our school building. They incorporated data collection, representing data in graphs, and how-to writing in order to work through this integrated unit to explain rules, drills, important people, important locations, and how to make friends at their new home - Sterling Elementary.

Emily Nigro

Miss Nigro's 4th grade students had a chance to voice their opinions about how time lost to snow days/inclement weather should be made up. They formulated their ideas and opinions through research and finally had the chance to share their opinions by creating an iMovie.

Michelle Rowland

Students in Mrs. Rowland's social studies class researched the 13 colonies and interpreted their findings into a fun advertising campaign that used iMovies and Billboards to persuade new colonists to settle in their colony.

Kacy Stuber

Mrs. Stuber's class was challenged to research, design and propose a fish tank for a high school classroom.

School Year 2013-2014:

Abby Allen

Students in Ms. Allen's class investigated a "crime scene." They collected evidence, conducted interviews, compiled a presentation, and presented their findings to the class and the class decided which suspect would be prosecuted. 

Colleen Bane

These kindergarten students spent the school year learning about what makes a good writer.

Dawn Dillon

Students in Ms. Dillon's second-grade class researched what's in soda and created flyers persuading others to make healthy choices.

Lori Embrey

Mrs. Embrey's students identified examples of reading in daily life and created an iMovie explaining their examples.

Glen Gillogly

Algebra B students participated in a Systems of Equations Practical Application project comparing hybrid vs. non-hybrid cars. They video taped their findings and created web pages to showcase their work.

Samantha Gravatte

Greek mythology class students studied heroes and participated in a critical thinking project to define what makes a hero.

Beth Hancock

Students in Mrs. Hancock's Geometry classes used their math skills to design a zoo. They were challenged to maximize their area and make a profit. 

Caleb Holbrook

Transition class students learned the job interview process with performance assessments at both the beginning and end to analyze student growth and retention of information. 

John Lawrence

Students in Mr. Lawrence's class learned how to use the power of Excel to analyze data when evaluating the "value" of a baseball player. Students were challenged to create the most "valuable" team based on a production vs. cost analysis.

Kristin Lundy

Fifth graders in Mrs. Lundy's class were challenged to find a way to survive on another planet. They presented their findings in an iMovie to parents, students, and teachers.

Rachel Neumann

Mythology students created projects on heroes. They decided who was a local, modern day hero and came up with a way to recognize that person.

Erica Shaffer

First graders in Mrs. Shaffer's class decided they needed a class pet after reading Which Pet to Get. The class was divided into groups and researched various animals. They then wrote a persuasive piece and made a commercial to convince peers to vote for the animal of their choice. 

School Year 2012-2013:

Keri Docheff

Sterling's Social Skills Class participated in a lesson about emotions to understand different perspectives.

Dustin Fox

Students in American History classes used Google Drive to make their own amendment and communicate with politicians. 

Lisa Hechler

 Students in middle school Reading Enrichment class used Google apps to make presentations from the literature book Freedom Train. Students focused on slavery- related topics.

Melissa Kazy

High School Geometry students made movies and slideshows to teach others about lines and shapes-- Geometric Elements in WHS. 

Fallon Kelly

Students in Mrs. Kelly's 2nd-grade class learned how to give an effective book talk and even posted their own blogs. 

Brooke Matthews

Third grade students discovered fractions in their everyday lives and created picture problems for their classmates to solve.

Nichole Mittenburg

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Mittenburg's class used comic life to create inventor biographies.

Jayme Overstreet

10-12 grade students use Pic Monkey to create theatrical posters with professional applications 



Megan Smith

Mrs. Smith's 1st graders used an iPad app called "Puppet Pals" to practice retelling stories from their favorite books. 

Bo Tiller

High school biology students create cell drawings and identify plants from a meadow on campus.

Nick Wagenknecht

8th grade students in health class where charged with teaching the class about a body system. Students were put into groups and then assigned a body system to teach. They had to teach a whole class period and also create a Google Test to administer to the class after their presentation. They also had to incorporate a video or PodCast into their class teaching. 

Rhonda Wakeman

Students in Mrs. Wakeman's class researched services available for teens in need and created a Community Services Directory. 

School Year 2011-2012:

Danaya Atkinson

WHS Soundwave students evaluate their performances by using an online Discussion Forum on Ms. Atkinson's website.

Dannelle Barnett

Solving System Equations by Graphing-- a learning journey in Mrs. Barnett's class! Using real-world numbers, students were able to solve equations with (and without) graphing calculators.

Lori Condron

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Condron's class used greenscreen technology, paint.net, and Word to create "What Bugs Me" paragraphs. 

Jerry Crouse

Mr. Crouse created a lesson for sophomores, Healthy Relationships, in which the students created Public Service Announcement- type videos to demonstrate what they learned.

Victoria Hernandez

Kindergarten ESL students read and rehearsed a play from their weather unit to practice fluency.

Brandon Lindquist

Word Works-- Mr. Lindquist's students used technology to find meanings, synonyms, and antonyms for weekly reading vocabulary. 

Cindy Perry

Should I Be Funky or go on a Picnik? Multimedia students research online image editing websites, choose their favorite, and present their findings. 

Chris Ramstorf

Job Transition students learn about what some of their training and/or schooling options are more in depth. Students practiced their researching skills, following directions skills, PPT creation skills, and presentation skills. 

Sarah Ray

Students in Mrs. Ray's Band classes created a Concert Etiquette video to explain behavior expectations when attending band performances.

Stephanie Sekelsky

Mrs. Sekelsky's High School Symphonic Band students created videos describing best practice techniques. Then, the Music and Technology students edited the videos to be shown to the Middle School Band members so that they can use the techniques.  

Jason Tischer

Mr. Tischer's classes took advantage of the district's switch to Google Apps by exploring the research writing process using Gmail accounts. 

School Year 2010-2011:

Julie Akers

Students in Ms. Aker's Computer Technologies class created Binary Movies to reinforce binary concepts as well as learn how to use Windows Movie Maker for video editing and movie production.

Earney Burchard

Mr. Burchard's High School ELL students created How-To Videos for next year's students to make their experience in an American school a bit easier.

Elle Cruikshank

Miss Cruikshank's High School Algebra students received a budget to "purchase" items for a room in a new house. They shopped, applied sales tax, and graphed the results using the Create-A-Graph website.

AmyLee Kinder

Students in Miss Kinder's High School Algebra class won the lottery! The One Big Family project required students to brainstorm items to furnish a room, calculate sub totals and sales tax, and create a bar graph of their expenses.

Julie Lewis

Mrs. Julie Lewis' High School Broadcast Class works to produce a monthly Tiger News Network Show. Her lesson plan's goal is to help students to cover story topics with strong, beginning, middle and end with a focus statement to be a catalyst for change in Warrensburg. Lewis pursued a story critique method to improve coverage and the overall show and student performance. The provided video will show how the students work to create the monthly show Tiger News Network.

Kasey McCurdy

Fourth-grade students in Miss McCurdy's class became "employees" of the Foundation for Endangered Animals, researched endangered species, then used Flip video cameras to create Persuasive Commercials encouraging viewers to save their animals.

Holly Ochsner

Mrs. Ochsner's Diary of a Kindergartner shows students using Flip video cameras to record all the things that make a good journal entry.

Dinah Orr

Mrs. Orr's third-grade students used Flip cameras to record all of the steps of their Art Criticism of a Vincent Van Gogh's painting.

Betsy Ridenhour

Enhanced reading and writing skills, supplemented instruction for Communication Arts curriculum, adult mentoring, improved motivation, and increased student achievement... what more could a teacher ask for? Mrs. Ridenhour's class participated in the ePals In2Books program and thought it was a huge success.

Roxann Roush

Rock on with Mrs. Roush's students as they sing songs to help remember their multiplication facts.

Joanie Schmidt

Marshmallow Babies! In Mrs. Schmidt's meiosis and genetic variations lessons, students created Reebop babies made of marshmallows and other supplies, then produced Calymation videos to demonstrate the process.

Emily Smith

Students in Mrs. Smith's High School Personal Finance class researched ways to avoid debt, then developed a script and created a Public Service Announcement movie alerting viewers to the dangers of debt.

Krystal Snell

Mrs. Snell's High School FACS students created Glogs for a Good Cause, a unique virtual poster or comic strip page discusses the effects of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol abuse.

Jessica Thomas

Mrs. Thomas' Addition Pictures is a lesson where kindergarten students use their own drawings to make comparisons and tell a math story.