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Warrensburg R-VI is committed to transparent reporting of each positive COVID-19 case among students and staff.  To that end, the District provides a breakdown of the numbers in three different ways with all of the dashboards updated by 6:00pm Friday.  Like last year, the overall purpose of the dashboards is to give a snapshot of how we ended the week. 

The first dashboard, COVID-19 Active Cases, provides the total number of positive cases as well as students and staff quarantined due to exposure in the school setting.

The second dashboard, COVID-19 Breakdown: Per Building, provides the number of positive cases as well as students and staff quarantined due to exposure in the school setting and the resulting total building percentage. 

The third dashboard, Warrensburg R6 Cumulative COVID-19 Cases, provides the cumulative number of positive cases (includes past and present cases) in the District. 

Currently, the metrics threshold for a building to transition to masks required is 3%.  If a building reaches 3% or higher, the building administration will make every attempt to notify staff and parents of the change in mask status 24 hours in advance.

If a building goes above the 3%, and masks are required; this does not automatically move a building to Plan B in its entirety, but the building administration may decide to use some of the more extensive mitigating strategies that are part of Plan B.
  We will update that building's numbers on the dashboard to reflect the increase in numbers that triggered the transition to masks required.

Masks will continue to be available at the school should your student(s) forget their mask. For the mask requirement to be lifted, the building must be below 3% at the end of the week for two weeks in a row. The administration will monitor the numbers and, as needed, re-evaluate the threshold metrics as the school year moves forward.

When the District receives a positive case confirmation, the administration works in collaboration with Johnson County Community Health to determine any individuals who may have had close contact with the COVID-19 positive student or staff member.

Quarantine orders are issued by Johnson County Community Health; the District follows those orders in exempting students and staff members from district facilities until their designated quarantine period is over and they are asymptomatic.

If it is determined that your child has been in close contact with a positive case, you will be personally notified. Guidance from DHSS/DESE regarding COVID-19 protocols, determining close contacts, quarantines, etc., can be viewed on the Johnson County Community Health Services website. 

Per Policy EBB, "Students or employees with communicable diseases that pose a risk of transmission in school or at school activities...will be managed as required by law and in accordance with guidelines provided by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and local county or city health departments.  Such management may include, but is not limited to, exclusion from school".

After an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 completes the necessary protocols to return to school or work as outlined by the health department and is therefore considered recovered, they will be removed from the totals listed here as they will no longer be considered an active case.

For more information on the status of Johnson County as a whole, please click here to view the latest data provided by the County.

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