Head Lice Solutions


The All Out Comb Out
The National Pediculosis Association® (NPA) sponsors its National Head Lice Prevention Campaign each year to focus attention on the endemic state of head lice among children… to remind communities across the U.S. that pediculosis (head lice) is a problem we must acknowledge and to raise awareness by helping to implement prevention programs.

Why Kick-off in September?
Back-to-School is an excellent time to educate parents, children and the community about head lice. Parents should understand the communicability of head lice before outbreaks occur, how to make an accurate identification and how to remove head lice and nits (eggs) from their children in the safest and most effective ways.

What are the benefits?
Families learn how to carry out the most effective prevention measures at all times and the safest most thorough control measures possible. This enables families to make informed decisions to avoid potentially harmful products along with disruption that occurs when there is no public health standard in place.

Who participates?
School systems, child care centers, drug chains, individual pharmacies, health departments, camps, professional organizations, hair salons, HMO's, school nurses, parents, physicians, pharmacists and thousands of individuals… all working to keep the spirit of head lice prevention going strong each September and throughout the year. The success of the All Out Comb Out depends on the support of everyone interested in maintaining the highest possible public health standards for children.

How can you join the effort?
Participation can range from placing an announcement in your local newspaper to posting a prevention month bulletin board for your local PTA… and the NPA has developed educational resources to help you do it.

Communities that promote head lice prevention programs demonstrate a commitment to family health and wellness.

The NPA is asking everyone to work together to set the highest possible public health standards for children in order to protect them from unnecessary and potentially harmful chemical lice treatments. The aim of the campaign is to reach parents before outbreaks occur -- teaching them how to safely and effectively keep their kids lice and nit free!

Parents, school, child care, and health officials alike can find the help they need at the NPA's website - DoIt4TheKids.org which provides straightforward and concise information on:

1. Screening 2. Detection 3. Removal 4. Prevention