Parents as Teachers

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parents as teachers

Parent Educators

Anne Weyrauch, Director
Office: 660-747-7424, ext. 1

Anne Weyrauch

Renee Staab
Office: 660-747-7424, ext. 2

Renee Staab
 Jennifer Watson
Office: 660-747-7424, ext. 3
 Jennifer Watson
Sharon Finley-Peerson
Office: 660-747-7424, ext. 4

 Sharon Finley-Peerson


Important Announcements


Please make sure your parent educator knows your email address so that we may email you any important information and/or our newsletters.


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PAT Market Place

We are always looking for books to share with our families. If you have any books that are gently used and/or are still in good condition that you are wanting to donate or get rid of, please give us a call at 747-7424. We will definitely put them to good use! :)


Do you have clothing, toys or other baby items you would like to share?
Call us at 747-7424 and we will put that information on our website.


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