PBL Online Module

This module is designed to give you an overview of PBL (Project-Based/ Problem-Based Learning) as an introduction to the Authentic Learning module covered in the Lesson Design sessions during Year Two training.

Now that you have almost completed Year One of the Technology Training for Teachers (T3) program, which primarily focused on basic technology skills, it’s time to put your learning in action! During Year Two, the focus of your training will be on Lesson Design, specifically seamlessly integrating technology within your curriculum.

During the Lesson Design series of Year Two training, you will create and conduct an Authentic Lesson (hopefully more than one!) with your students. Although plans change frequently, this module is designed to get you thinking about constructivist approaches to teaching and project-based/ problem-based approaches to lessons, as well as give you a head start on planning your technology-infused lesson. The goal of this module is to have an idea and action plan for next year’s authentic lesson so you can get right to designing and teaching!

First, please visit the link below and read the blog post about creative thinking, then, in a healthy paragraph, describe your reaction to the post (kind of like pretending you are leaving a comment on the blog page). You will include this paragraph in the appropriate section of the Feedback Form below.


Second, view the response from Suzie Boss and others to Larry Ferlazzo’s article about the Dos and Don’ts of PBL:


Then, in a healthy paragraph, explain at least two “Dos” you feel are essential to incorporate in your own PBL lesson.

Third, complete only the modules and activities listed below from the Intel Elements Course: Project-Based Approaches


These resources are free from the Intel Teach Community, and you do NOT need to register, create an account, sign in/log in, or anything! Just visit the link, then scroll down to Project-Based Approaches and click on “Launch the Course.” You WILL need to turn off your pop-up blocker for this, though, and it is possible that some of the interactive portions of the course may not work properly on a district computer due to network/bandwidth restrictions. If you have any problems at all launching or viewing the course material, please contact me as soon as possible! I do have two CDs available for check out, but we’ll have to check them out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Within the orientation section of the course, you will be asked to download a document called PBL Action Plan; this document is also available as an attachment to this content box. Please re-save this document with your name in the title. As you complete the portions of the course (listed below), you’ll enter information within this Action Plan document. When finished with the Intel course sections required for this module, please upload your Action Plan document using the appropriate field in the Feedback Form listed below.

*Note: There will be some sections of the Action Plan document left blank as this is a preview for next year.

Intel Teach Elements Project-Based Approaches Course Modules to complete--

(please view the entire module listed; then complete the activities-- items in parentheses—which should be included on your PBL Action Plan document):

Orientation Lessons 1-4 (and download PBL Action Plan, resave with your name in the title)

· Module 1, Lesson 1, Activity 1, 3 (KWLH chart, goals, challenges)

· Module 2, Lesson 1, Activity 2 (project ideas from standards)

· Module 2, Lesson 2, Activity 2 (learning objectives)

· Module 4, Lesson 1, Activity 1, 2 (project organization rough draft)

· Module 4, Lesson 3, Activity 1 (implementation plan rough draft)

(if desired, you may view sample project ideas found in Module 2, Lesson 1, Activity 2-- see Appendix)

Please use the form below to submit your module. 
You should have two healthy paragraphs and one file upload.


(Please remember to re-save the PBL Action Plan with YOUR name 
before attaching to this module!)